manie_headshot2Manie Eagar is an founder/CEO of digitalfutures

He is a published author of the FintechBook: Fintech + Digital Currency — Convergence or Collision? writing on the coming convergence between digital currencies, fintech and blockchain technologies.

He is a Founder and Chairman of the BC Blockchain Forum and the  Blockchain Association of Canada, the leading industry body representing digital finance, FinTech and distributed ledger technology (blockchain) in Canada.

The past four years he has focused on deal shaping and making in the new world of digital value finance, mobile media delivery platforms and digital finance 2.0, inspired by the latest cryptocurrency protocols. He has supported a number of startups, growth acceleration, mergers and acquisitions, VC tie-ups and alignments with regulatory compliance.

He was an associate director at Deloitte and PWC respectively and has managed a number of business portfolios for Barclays International and Vodafone in Africa.

His experience grew out of long-term engagements at Barclays Africa (ABSA), Vodafone (m-Pesa and virtual call centre hosting projects) and the J&J Investment Management Group (caretaking strategic partnerships Tata, Macquarie Bank, Old Mutual, and Dimension Data/NTT Nippon). He led the pioneering research and prototyping of Africa’s first multi-purposed smartcard payment platform OneCard Systems.

He was a director at ICOZA/Internet Solutions, Africa’s largest ISP owned by Dimension Data / NTT Nippon, the world’s largest ICT company, where he was also responsible for the marketing and strategy for their Cisco-based ecommerce platform rollout.

He represented the UUX/TotalMovie mobile and online app based content viewing initiative of Grupo Salinas Telecommunications and Media, a leading Mexican technology and finance conglomerate, in Africa and Asia.

He was a strategic advisor to the ICT Vision 2020 of the South African Department of Communications.

Manie was the chief strategist for the South African government’s $40 Billion Development Bank of South Africa Infrastructure Centre of Excellence for Infrastructure Development Plan initiated in 2012 supported by the World Bank and the IMF. He is an expert in global infrastructure and telecommunications development for emerging markets. He designed the ‘Vector Organization’ model to implement the multibillion dollar expansion of the government’s infrastructure and job creation program. This was approved by the SA cabinet.

He developed a business accelerator program for entrepreneurs and startups endorsed by the Ontario Government’s Research and Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre initiative. Engagements include the development of the strategy map and execution plan of the RIC Centre initiative an as well as the business strategy and fundraising proposals for Ontario based cleantech startup ventures.

His STRATEX business planning methodology and openaxyz strategy execution toolset was adopted inside Barclays-ABSA as the core methodology for strategy formulation and execution by their internal strategy community.

He developed the openaxyz collaboration software platform for Barclays International. A customized deployment earned him a nomination for the MaRs/RIC Innovation Idol in Ontario, Canada in 2012.


Ms. Hilary Clinton at inaugural OLSET class in Soweto, Johannesburg in 1996.

Additional strategic engagements include the crafting of the new Information Communication and Telecommunication business of the South African Post Office and strategy alignment consulting to support the implementation of the new Eskom, Africa’s largest utility company, Total Quality Management Centre of Excellence.


Vrye Weekblad was a groundbreaking progressive, anti-apartheid Afrikaans national weekly newspaper.

He was a founder and CEO of Open Learning Systems Trust (OLSET), South Africa’s largest distance learning NGO funded by USAID, CIDA, EU and other major international donors for the benefit of the broad society and grass roots organizations during South Africa’s ‘apartheid era’. OLSET’s initial funding was provided by USAID and other major donors and opened by the then US Secretary of State, Ms Hilary Clinton in 1996. He participated in a number of studies worldwide in developed and developing countries to evaluate the utilization of new learning technologies and methodologies.

He was a member of the executive team of South Africa’s largest corporate executive education initiative at Barclays-ABSA – the Africa Growth Network – launching its first distance education MBA program in partnership with California State University.

Initially training as a lawyer, he was drawn to the publishing world and became editor of Volkshandel, South Africa’s largest business magazine, a contributing Editor to the Financial Mail and Business Manager of Vrye Weekblad, a leading anti-apartheid publication before South Africa’s turn to democracy.